Ramazan is less than a week away and everyone is ready to welcome the blessed month. Preparation for iftaar and sehri is all we have on our mind; almost every one of us is looking forward to that daily dose of pakoras. There are a few other things we need to take care of in terms of preparing for Ramazan.

Here is how to prepare yourself:

Plan the Ramazan Menu

Planning at least a week’s menu for both sehri and iftaar will make things easier to manage and you can save time by planning and preparing beforehand. This way you will prepare the items on time and you will save yourself from any last minute chaos. Plus the whole family will know what to look forward to at iftaar. Check out Chefling Tales Iftaar and Sehri menu and add them on your own.  

Shop for groceries

Once you have planned out the menu, it’s time to go shopping and stock up for Ramazan. It is better to shop for at least a whole week so that you won’t have to go out for grocery shopping while you are fasting. It will not only take up a lot of your energy but you will also waste time which you can utilize for ibadat (prayer). Try to shop at a place where you can find all your needs under one roof. If you are in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, here are a few suggestions of places where you can shop to fulfill all your needs.

Prepare and store some meals ahead

As and when you have shopped for everything, it’s time to prepare some meals ahead. Make a variety of frozen meals like samosas, rolls, kebabs, and you can prepare them with various fillings like aloo (obviously), other veggies, chicken, cheese, etc. Check out our menu for fried recipes, while Chefling Kitchen provides you homemade frozen items delivered to you beforehand. 

Set a routine

As everything is planned in the kitchen, you need to make sure you spend your time wisely during Ramazan. You don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen, so set a routine for yourself where you manage your time between the kitchen, sleeping, ibaadat or whatever your daily routine consists of. Don’t wait for Ramazan to follow the routine, if you start now, things will turn out easier on the very first day of Ramazan.

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Cut down on bad habits

Ramazan is the best time to cut down the bad habits, don’t wait around for Ramazan, start right away. Be it smoking, sleeping late, being careless about namaz (prayer) etc. This way, you will be able to continue even after Ramazan is over.

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How are you preparing for Ramazan, let us know?

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