Halloween in Pakistan is more about costumes and sweets, rather than scary stories or encounter with spirits, because after all, we are not really scared of much in life. While when it comes to playing tricks, no one does that better than Pakistanis.

Which is why, let’s not focus on tricks as we have an expertise in that. What we need is a reason to have more sweets, and Halloween is one of them: Here are some homemade sweet treats you can prepare, rather than buying them out.

P.S: No Pumpkins here 

Chocolate cupcakes with Malt frosting

Soft, warm chocolate cupcakes are not just easy to bake, but you can hand them out to the little ones who ask for treats, and make them extremely happy. The malt buttercream frosting will want you having more. Here is the recipe!

Chocolate chip cookies

Bake some cookies and simply store them to hand out to kids, or better munch them while you watch The Exorcist for the 100th time. Here is a recipe for perfectly chewy cookies you will love.

Lemon Meringue Pie 

Now here is something soft and buttery, that melts right in your mouth. In case you’re in for preparing something extra good on Halloween, you need this recipe.

Chocolate Éclairs

Let’s just say these little chocolate bites are enough to give you a sugar rush, and no one can keep their hands off these babies. I will do you a favor by leaving the recipe link right here, and you can thank me later.

Portuguese egg tarts

These egg tarts are heavenly, as they are crispy on the outside, and soft and gooey on the inside. This treat is a must-have in the list. Try something unique this Halloween. Recipe

All these sweets are going to leave us with endless guilt, but after all Halloween comes once a year, right? Just like Christmas, Eid and birthdays anyway, we don’t need a reason to devour some desserts, right?

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