Explore Soulful City of Rawalpindi

Enjoy the authentic desi breakfast food flavours with rich history, as we journey through the streets of the Soul City of Rawalpindi.
Join us on a journey through the streets of Old Rawalpindi – the fourth largest city in Pakistan with its origin dating back to 1000 BC. It was named as Village of Lakes in 14th century. It has witnessed the changes in different eras from Mughals to Sikhs to British rule and carry that history to date in the streets of the old city.

The trip is ideal for people who want to experience the bustling city of over 4.7 million in a serene light and enjoy the delectable cuisine that is offered in the streets of old Rawalpindi. You walk away with a greater understanding of the area and the culinary delights it has to offer. Visit small street vendors to restaurants over 80 years old!

3 food gems to enjoy the best for the breakfast the city has to offer.

Get a true local feel and know about the best places to taste the best food! We are here to ensure you get the best authentic experience based on our research of the area and locals take.

Full portions samples that will allow you to enjoy the different dishes offered and leave you full (and sleepy)

Hear the stories about heritage of the restaurants, the origin and meet the local people

Includes walking through the streets with time to take photographs of the old city buildings.

We take in a small group of 10-12 people, and we believe in building a fun collaborative experience

Tasting Menu