As-salam-o-alia-kum! Kitchen Gardening Beginners!
Ok! Folks First of all I want you all to give me some feedback:
1. what are the major hurdles you have faced so far which have discouraged you to grow vegetables?
Was it because?
a. You know nothing about growing your own food.
b. Or you don’t know from where to buy seeds.
c.You tried but failed.

There is currently a strong resurgence towards home grown and organic food .The sale of vegetable seeds is increasing these days.
In 2013, an estimated 42 million Americans households enjoyed harvesting their own garden goodies. That’s 35 percent of all American households. In Pakistan, it is less then 5%
People are becoming more aware and concerned about what they eat and what they are feeding their children, and becoming aware about mass food production systems and extensive use of insecticides .They  have begun  to question the safety of modern intensive agricultural practices.
There is nothing to compared to eating your own food straight from the garden. the bland, tasteless  and uniformed food from supermarkets  just doesn’t come close.
Moreover getting kids  interested in gardening encourages them to eat their greens. It is far easier to encourage when they are helping to grow the food themselves!

The course will cover from why organic to Soil and garden preparation, Selecting and Buying Seeds and Transplants, Weed Management, Water Management, and Pest Management.
You must also know what sort of conditions your garden has . You’ll need to know what sort of soil you are working with , how much light will be available to the plants . Having understood your garden’s character , you will be well on the way to becoming a blossoming gardener.