Murgh Pulao or Savour? Dinner Options in Islamabad for the PSL Final

By Muzna Shafi

The PSL final is just around the corner and the match schedule is absolutely perfect for a good dinner to accompany the game. Now we’re sure preparations for that scrumptious Sajji are under-way in Quetta, no doubt the Quetta Gladiators fans are certain that their team will once again show some  magic on the pitch. The situation in Islamabad is a bit different though. The Islamabad United kept a low profile in the tournament till the time they actually beat one of the strongest teams i.e. Peshawar Zalmi in the semi-final of the PSL and left all their fans awestruck!!

Now, Let me assure you,  the PSL final WILL be a nerve wrecking one and it will make you hungry from all the nervousness and the anticipation. For the Islamabad United fans, there is a very good option for dinner that will energize them for the final. I’m talking about Pulao of course. Not just any Pulao. our very own special kind of Pulao, the Kebab pulao. Where to get it? Well we thought we’d do a show down for you and leave it for you to decide ( Much like a cricket match, may the best Pulao option win!)

Murgh pulao or Savour?

A fair competition, without even looking, with no biasness, I chose to compare Savour Pulao with Saeen gee Murgh Pulao. Why you ask me? Well, They’re both delicious, they’re both equally priced (160 Rs a plate) and you can easily  treat your friends at such economic places. (Specially, if you’re betting food  on the match and you lose, this is the best option for you!)

What  do you get in one Pulao plate?
– Fried rice (obviously)
-1 Chicken piece.
-2 Shami Kebab
– Salad  and Chutney as well.

Saeen G 1Saeeng Gee Pulao- Courtesy: Facebook

Well, the insight is that we asked a Saeen Gee serving guy which one he personally prefers, now I tell you this is controversial, he said he prefers Savour’s pulao, because it tastes better than theirs. He even might have mentioned that they use better rice than Saeen gee, but then, that is the reason more people know about Savour. Savour is mostly chosen for day time meals, and Saeen gee is preferred for their Chicken Karahi and Broast, although they became popular because of their Chicken fried rice aka “Murgh Pulao”.

Savor 2Savor Pulao

If you like getting refills then Savour is great on that. Plus, they have a huge traffic of customers and their other items are not that costly too, it’s more like a place for us youthful peeps, because we don’t have that many bucks to spend, but yeah, you can enjoy Saeen Gee’s Karahi or Chargha or Sajji when you’re with your wealthy uncle and he’s buying (Particularly when he is happy after his favourite team’s victory) 😀

Savor 3

What to eat apart from the main “Murgh Pulao” discussed above? At Savour, you can have sweet dishes, which are served in Desi style. Kheer is served in the traditional way, that is, in a clay pot dish. Oh and it is delicious. Then there is Broast which is tender, juicy and spicy and I can bet you that you will come back for it. They have even got an ice-cream parlour now ( if the match is getting a bit too heated and you need some calming down) You can also order some fish too. All these items can be packed and you can take them back home for the final and enjoy them in the comfort of your living room.

If you choose to go for Saeen Gee, they have great Chicken Karahi, and if you ask for Malai Boti, it is mouthwatering.  And their standard is improving day by day as they have been getting a lot of competition in the area. They even put a lot (and trust me on this when I say a lot) of lights on their restaurant to attract people.

Saeen G 2Courtesy- Facebook

They are not new, but in the world of social media and not many young people instagram-ing their food’s pictures, they kind of lost it a bit in the middle, but they are getting up and dusting themselves off and I am sure they’ll be talked about everywhere, just as  a cricket player turns a bad inning into a good one with a few choice boundaries!

Saeen G 3Courtesy: Facebook

No matter which option you choose to get your Pulao from. We hope it turns out great and we wish the Islamabad United good luck for the final.