Bun Kababs- Comfort Food for a Karachi Kings Match

By Abirah Hasan

Cricket matches can always be a bit stressful for their fans, the constant hope for a six, the stress after a wicket is blown and etc. These times of emotional ups and downs  require comfort food. For the Karachi Kings supporters, the best comfort food is none other than Bun Kababs.

Bun Kababs are one of Karachi’s major roadside attractions, the quickest, cheapest and the tastiest snack one can enjoy in the fast paced lifestyle of Karachi. You find a lot of Bun Kabab vendors all across Karachi; my two favorites are Nursery Super Bun Kabab and Hanif’s Bun kabab.

Bun kabab 1

It’s exciting to watch the vendor making the bun kabab in front of you; how he dips the patty in egg and fries it, toasts the buns, puts some delicious chutney and ketchup then closes it with the sliced onions, tomatoes and lettuce leaves. This site makes your mouth water, and you want to bite into it as soon as the waiter holds it out for you!

There is a whole variety of Bun Kababs at Nursery Super Burgers. My favorite is daal anda bun kabab with thandi botal (cold drink).

Bun kabab 2

They also offer sandwiches, chicken rolls and broast in their menu, which are also tasty and freshly made. The price starts from Rs.40 (For Anda shami) to Rs. 160 (for Zinger Burger). These can be packed away and taken to your home to eat while supporting your favorite team.

Bun kabab 3

My other favorite best bun kabab are at Pakistan Chowk with the name of Hanif Bun Kabab. Their daal, aloo and chicken burgers are quite famous. Their Bun kababs have a unique spicy taste. It’s a must-eat item for a Karachi Kings match.

Bu kabab 3

I believe none of the multinational fast food chain burgers can beat our traditional and addictive spicy bun kabab. Here’s a quick video of how this amazing street food is made:

Abirah Hasan

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