Chai and Paratha for Those Stressful Karachi Kings Matches

By Abirah Hasan

A good cup of tea is sometimes all you need to pump up your energy in those stressful matches, I believe a good cup of tea can change your mood, can make you happy and boost your energy.  After all, it is the comfort of tea that we run to when our favourite team is losing or chasing an unachievable target.

After the new trend of elite and upscale chai dhabas in Karachi, it is now easier to enjoy your cup of tea along with hot and crispy parthas on a chilly winter evening; the cold breeze of Karachi in contrast of hot tea makes out a dazzling combination. Aside from this, the environment of the dhaba puts you at an eternal ease. And just the general vibe surrounding the place gets you in the mood for a pumped up match viewing. You can go in your slippers and old Pjs and conveniently put your legs on the chair without having to worry about who is thinking what. These tea dhabas are perhaps one of the best places in Karachi to unwind these days, that too by spending very less amount of money. And, they also happen to be the best places for you to sit back and relax and watch a Karachi Kings match  or listen to the match updates on a radio set! Now doesn’t that just sound awesome?

In my opinion you can find best chai in Karachi at Chai Wala and Quetta Alamgir

Chai Wala – Piyo Magar Pyar sy

With comfortable outdoor seating and truck art inspired theme this dhaba is located in Bukhari commercial, when I entered the place and observed my surroundings, I saw many families and girls were sitting in groups and enjoying their tea with scrumptious parathas. Unlike most chai dhabas, which are usually dominated by the male segment of the population, the demographics of this place consist mostly of families.

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We ordered chicken cheese Paratha, Allu Paratha along with kadak chai and doodh patti. I loved  the chicken cheese paratha with red chatni, the cheese was perfectly melted and the spicy chicken filling was giving just the right taste, I absolutely enjoyed my paratha with the best ever doodh patti I have had in Karachi. This coupled with a match that was won by the Karachi Kings made the decision to come here even better.


Their menu offer different types of regional teas, bakarkhani, parathas (of various types) and more. Apart from local teas they also offer coffee, hot chocolate and cadbury tea.

Quetta Alamgir Hotel

This is the place where we go on every other weekend to have our breakfast; Quetta Alamgir Hotel is famous for its lachy dar parathy with omelet or channy and Chai (Doodh Patti).


This isn’t an upscale modern dhabba but a small shop with table chairs on both sides of a busy street of Alamgir road. We usually prefer to have our parathas in a car, listening to the PSL match on the radio. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, these paratha’s are made with white flour and tava- fried, the hot paratha with so many layers tastes absolutely divine with their omelet/channy and doodh patti, My husband likes to eat only paratha with chai as well.

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Their omelet is full of chopped onions and green chillies, however the generous topping of black pepper powder is something I don’t like, while channy are perfectly cooked and delicious.

The service is really slow because the place is always full, and there are long queues of people to get the parathas packed for their homes, nonetheless it’s always worth waiting for those delicious parathas. Please don’t forget to take your hand sanitizer/tissues with you for your own convenience.

In my opinion chai and parathas are the best option for food for those PSL matches scheduled on weekends. Get them packed from your nearest dhabba and enjoy them at your home, sitting in your PJs while watching the match.

Abirah Hasan

Hi, I am Abirah, professionally I’ve a working experience in telecom companies, currently I am on a career break; so yeah! I am a housewife and a mother of a little naughty boy. By nature I am friendly and a fun-loving person, I love music, adventure, I like to travel and explore new places. I am a foodie but not an expert cook; I only cook when I am bored or when my loved ones want me to cook something special for them. I believe food tastes better when you eat it with the people you love I.e. your friends and family. My husband and I love to dine out and try new restaurants/cafes/dhabbas in town. You will keep getting the reviews of many big and small eateries in Karachi through me; I’ll also keep posting some of the yummiest recipes I try at home. Cheers