Home Delivery Options In Karachi for the PSL Playoffs

By Ayesha Naveed

The Karachi Kings have finally made it to the playoffs after the Lahore Qalandars lost to Islamabad United in an unfortunate turn of events (unfortunate for The Qalandars, mind you – the Karachi Kings, on the other hand, are feeling very lucky 🙂 .

After their last defeat at the hands of the Islamabad United, the Karachi Kings are dead-set on making a come back, and therefore, this match is bound to be one heck of a nail-biter. We are positive that the PSL fans in Karachi  don’t want to miss even a second of these play-off matches, so, to save them the trouble, we have prepared a list of the top five home delivery food options in the city:

1. Pizza

Whether you’ve invited friends to watch the match with you or you want to cheer for your favourite team all alone (are you sure, though?), Pizza is the perfect food to have if you’re looking for a no-frills and mess-free option (Because, let’s face it, who wants to do the dishes when your favourite team is just minutes away from victory?)

14th streetThe best food for sharing; Photo credits – 14th Street Pizza

In Karachi, there are a number of pizzerias to choose from and each of them offer a variety of toppings and crust styles.

Our top picks are:

  • 14th Street Pizza
  • California Pizza
  • Broadway Pizza
  • Pizza One
  • Pizza Point
  • NYP – New York Pizza

2. Burger

During the past couple of years, many burger joints have opened up left right and centre in the city of lights, creating a lot of options for the Karachi-ites.

All of these burger places are forever making new additions to their menus, to beat the competition and they are quite economical as well as compared to the world-renowned food chains.

Be it a BIG, juicy, beaf burger or a simple crispy chicken burger, these eateries offer their own unique taste in each variety. Easy to eat, albeit rather messy, burgers can provide you with the comfort that you need when your team is not quite performing up to the mark.

burgersPhoto credits – Big Thick Burgerz

Some of the favourites are:

  •  The Burger Shack
  •  Big Thick Burgerz
  • Mr. Burger
  • The Burger Lab
  •  Oh My Grill
  • Burger o’clock
  • Burger Mafia
  • Burger Inc.

3. Biryani

In Karachi, there are a number of variants of Biryani available in the market which cater to the wishes of all and sundry. Neatly packed in individual containers, when home delivered Biryani retains its wonderful flavours rendering it as another hassle free alternative for the fans to enjoy during the match screenings at home (psst… most of them even pack a handful of plastic spoons along to make your life all the more EASIER!!!).

white biryaniIt’s a Pulao, it’s a Zarda; no it’s White Biryani! – Photo by the author

Get your Biryani fix from any of the following popular eateries:

  •  Student Biryani
  •  Indus Foods
  • Jeddah Biryani
  • Food Centre
  • Biryani Centre
  • Biryani of the Seas
  • The White Biryani

4. Chicken Broast

Most people prefer to have their greasy Chicken Broast in the comfort of their homes, away from prying and judging eyes (let’s be honest, we have all been there!), so it’s a good thing that all the famous ones now deliver to almost every corner of the city! Served with fries, dips, coleslaw and a piece of dinner roll, it’s a complete meal which will keep you full during the whole four hours of the match.

broastKarachi Broast has been around since ages; photo credits – Facebook

 There are a number of restaurants to choose from:

  •  Kundan Broast
  • Jan’s Broast
  • Karachi Broast
  • Hanifia’s Broast
  • Pioneer Broast

5. Salads and Wraps

Ordering from a restaurant doesn’t always have to send you on a calorie-counting guilt trip. There are many eateries all over city that seem to have recognized the fact that more and more people are now looking for healthier eating-out alternatives and so have started including low-carb and low-calorie options in their menus.

saladEating healthy doesn’t have to be boring anymore; Photo Credits – Evergreen

Munch on a scrumptious (yes, I mean it!) salad, usually delivered in a plastic bowl, or chow down on a yummy whole-wheat wrap during the match and the only thing you’ll have to worry about would be whether or not your favourite team wins the play-offs.

wrapsYou’ll never have to second guess the calorie-content in your meals again; Photo Credits – Eatfit

Almost every one of the above-mentioned restaurants deliver, either themselves or through any of the delivery services.

Disclaimer: We have only covered the eateries which are local endeavors; therefore, none of the international food chains have been listed above.