Quetta Gladiators- The Meat Deal of HBL PSL

By Amina Mazhar

Quetta is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities of Pakistan. The capital of Balochistan, holds all the richness of the Balochi culture and the resilience of the Balochi nation.

Quetta Gladiators
The Quetta Gladiators are bringing the Balochi spirit to the PSL with the following line up of players: Kevin Pietersen, Sarfraz Ahmed, Ahmed Shehzad, Anwar Ali, Jason Holder, Luke Wright, Zulfiqar Babar, Umar Gul, Elton Chigumbura, Bilal Asif, Asad Shafiq, Mohammad Nawaz, Saad Nasim, Mohammad Nabi, Akbar-ur-Rehman, Bismillah Khan, Kumar Sangakkara, Aizaz Cheema, Ramiz Raja Jr.

Ever wonder where the freshest variety of apples and cherries come from? Well, there is a reason  why Quetta is known as the “fruit city” of Pakistan. Scrumptious fruits like apples, peaches, apricots, pomegranates, cherries and lemons are grown in abundance in Quetta and are loved by all Pakistanis. Nothing can beat the view of a cherry orchard in the middle of winter in Quetta. The white snow on the ground with the cherry trees in full bloom. Other than the seasonal fruits, Quetta is also famous for its dry fruits. Almost every second shop in the bazaars is of a dry fruit vendor.

Source: Noman Rahim
Source: Noman Rahim

But there is one thing the Balochis and Pashtoons from Balochistan know how to cook well and that is meat. Now we know that most of the cuisine in Quetta overlaps with the Pashtun cuisine, the reason being the proximity of the Afghanistan border and the resident Pakhtun population.  But there are some delicacies that are only native to Balochistan and are made with expert skills in Quetta.

Balochi Rosh

Take the Balochi Roash for instance, a piece of lamb meat is cooked on slow heat with a choice of herbs and spices and turns out to be the most tastiest meat dish that you will ever taste, this coupled with the serene view of the Hannah Lake is a match made in heaven and shouldn’t be missed by a true foodie.

When it comes to kebabs, well the Balochis do those a bit too differently as well. The speciality in this case being the “Khadi Kebab” or the “Khadda Kebab” yes, you read that absolutely right. and yes, the word khadda means a pit.

Khadda Kebab

A piece of lamb meat is prepped and left to cook underground and we assure the taste is divine combined with a glass of shrumbay (extremely sour lassi). Now, Umar Gul is a real pashtun and we assume he loves meat, we wonder if he has tried the delicacies from Quetta?


People are usually  under the impression that the best Sajji is either available in Multan or the nearby areas but most foodies are unaware of this fact that Quetta has the best Sajji to offer in Pakistan. The word Sajji is given its due justice in Quetta where whole lambs and chickens are cooked on stakes with a huge fire burning in the middle.

Lacha- Noman Rahim
Lacha, Source: Noman Rahim

None of these uniquely cooked dishes can take an upper hand over Landhi. Landhi is probably one of the most complicated dishes. A whole lamb is cleaned and rubbed with spices and then kept fresh throughout the length of the winter season. Imagine that!! The Balochis really are dedicated to making good food aren’t they? Now imagine eating a dish as divine as the Landhi in a beautiful spring night with the sweet melody of the Balochi Suroz playing in the background.

We look forward to seeing whether the Quetta Gladiators bring the Balochi dedication and valour to the cricket ground or not.

Amina Mazhar

Ever since I was a kid, eating has been a hobby. Once I grew up, I started stepping into the kitchen more often. Although I love to cook everything but baking is something I am very passionate about. Its my therapy and it definitely takes me to my happy place. Ofcourse, this hobby of mine also caters to my hyper sweet tooth as well, which is an added bonus. Because baking is something that I have learnt from my mother so it has a very emotional value for me. Since times immemorial I have seen my mom experiment with baking in the kitchen, I like to believe she has passed that skill on to me as well (I know i can never surpass her awesomeness).