Iftaar is all about juices and smoothies because you want a perfect thirst quencher when we break our fast. Lemonade is not as popular as the laal sharbat, but it is still one of the favorite drinks. I was tired of the typical lemonade and wanted to give it a little twist to surprise my family with something unique at Iftaar, that should be something refreshing and easy to gulp down! I found some peaches in my fridge and got ready to make a refreshing and soothing drink. Yes! A delightful ‘Peach Lemonade’ is all you need to refresh your scorched brain! So let’s scroll down to make a peach lemonade =D


Servings (Yield)         : 1 jug 


  • Peaches                          6 (medium) 
  • Sprite (Plain/Lemon)    0.5 liter 
  • Sugar                               4 Tb 
  • Salt                                   1-2 tsp
  • Black salt                         As per taste 


  • Peel the peaches and cut them into small cubes.
  • Add the peaches into the grinder with all the other ingredients.
  • Grind well and pour into the jug.
  • Add black salt according to your taste. 

Serve chilled  

Arfah Zafar

A medico by profession and a food/beauty/lifestyle blogger by passion.