In this scorching summer heat, you might want to go to some place pleasant and enjoy the weather with the beautiful landscape. To spend your fast in open air or even prepare Iftaar on the spot to have a festive meal this Ramazan. Yes, indeed there does exist this kind of place where you can do all of this.

Which is what we did, going towards Nathiagali or Ayubia from Abbottabad, about 10 km from the city, is a place called Harno (Harnoi).

Harno is known for it’s exquisite water stream and is a tourist attraction for the people of the area. The beautiful mountains are covered with pine trees, with lush green grass. I, along with some of my friends went to the place to beat the heat and have a barbecue Iftaar party. We packed our stuff for the barbecue and some at home made Pulao (rice), and then headed towards the spot.

Before Iftaar, we enjoyed the cold water, did some swimming in the flowing stream, under the setting sun. There were many people visiting the spot like us with their food, some were making it right on the spot, like us, some prepared and brought it with them and were there to enjoy the cool, breezy weather and the cold bath while waiting for Iftaar.

We got our chicken marinated with the Tikka Masala. With coal being fired up, we prepped the ingredients for Chicken Pulao. Got the Pakoras from the famous Ilyasi Mosque on our way to Harno. We fetched the drinking water from a clean spring there.

We were already late for the cooking as the Iftaar time was approaching fast. We started to grill the barbecue. We were halfway through the cooking process, when the Azaan called. We broke the fast with the pakoras we had with us. One batch of the Tikkas were ready so we ate those. Yummy! The gush of the wind with the soothing sound of flowing water, and a beautiful scenery was beautiful to experience.

Meanwhile the Pulao and the barbecue was ready. We served it in Arabic style, with barbecue on top of the rice and extremely enjoyed our Iftaar dinner.

If you want to go for a picnic and spend your day well this Ramazan, go pack your barbecue stuff, grab your food, and cook it by a lake or a river. For us, it was an amazing experience. Especially in this heat wave, it was quite an experience to be by the cold water and among the beautiful landscape.

Hammad Khan

I am wanderlust, travel enthusiast and a foodie by heart. Blogging about my travel journeys is my passion. Technology fascinates me. I am a Peace seeking soul who is finicky and tries to learn from every situation.