What is the first thing that hits our mind when we talk about Iftaar menu? You have guessed it right, Pakoras! We just can’t get over the fact that we love pakoras and Iftari is incomplete without them. Pakoras are not just the shan of our Iftar tables, but it is one of the favorite street food of Pakistan. Which is why we decided to take you to our favourite city, Abbottabad, and try the popular Illyasi Mosque’s pakoras. As Hammad Khan went live from Abbottabad, we found out that the place is the hub of pakoras and samosas and particularly in Ramazan, it has double the amount of people visiting the place. People love the variety of pakoras from the spot, while the chutney served with the delights is even more pleasing to the taste buds. Although we already have a detailed insight through an interview with Illyasi Mosque’s pakora vendor, you can read all about it here. Check out the live action:

Ramsha Rehan

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