Aam so khaas! The most special fruit of the summer also makes for the most delicious desserts and drinks. The Mango and Coconut Smoothie is another such irresistible treat, and perfect for these super hot days.

Here’s how to do it:



Here are the five ingredients to this heavenly summer drink:

  • Mango (chopped) – 1 cup,
  • Coconut Water – 1 cup
  • Mint Leaves – 4 to 5
  • Sugar – 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon Juice – 1 tablespoon

I am a self-taught cook, with of course lots of help and encouragement from my mommy and a tremendous amount of support from my hubby. Cooking is cathartic for me; it relaxes me and the sense of achievement I get after a well cooked meal is second-to-none. Teamed up with my love for reading and writing,its pure joy. Most of my recipes are my mother’s -she is my greatest inspiration and go-to person for culinary emergencies (we all have them, don’t we?)- and from magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Hello. Having spent a couple of years in South-east Asia, (read Singapore and Malaysia), I caught a very oriental bug. Which is…which is… well its using my cell phone to take snaps of the meals I am about to gobble up. In my defense, it’s strictly limited to my travels abroad. For that, I have dedicated a picture blog called ‘Food Casserole.’