Ah, mothers! Don’t we all just love taking them for granted? That is, of course, till adult life jolts us and we start to cherish them for their selfless acts of kindness. Though it’s no secret that they love to mollycoddle us, no matter how old we (or they) are.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it’s time to repay her in kind, for just a day, the way she has for us her entire life. And it’s a Sunday, so no excuses!

What better way to start her day than with breakfast in bed? What could be more special to a mother than her own kids making her the most important meal of the day.

Whip up her favorite breakfast. Remember, it doesn’t have to be too heavy on your pocket, use your imagination. For a literal breakfast in bed, make sure dad is in on it (because papa bear will not be amused if he is awakened from deep slumber by well-meaning but annoying commotion on a Sunday morning). So let him know in advance!

Here are a few breakfast ideas to get your imagination going:

If she loves eggs and a continental breakfast, then try creamy scrambled eggs or fried eggs with sunny-side up served with sausages or turkey bacon along with sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes, baked beans with toasted multi-grain bread. If she is an omelette fan, make her a cheese and mushroom omelette. You can always add diced sausages or olives (last night’s leftover chicken also does the trick). You can also always try your hand at a Spanish omelette or tortillas. Or check out this great recipe for Mexican eggs from our breakfast section.

_DSC0002Spanish Omelette with Paratha

Fancier still, you could try smoked salmon with cream cheese on a bagel. Mummy yummy!

For mamas who have to stay away from greasy food most of the year, why not indulge them with a desi breakfast; make her a good old desi omelette or scrambled eggs with a crispy, buttery paratha or roghni naan. Take a look at some other desi breakfast recipes here.


Mums with a sweet tooth need not worry; try our home-made pancakes (she won’t mind if they are out of shape). Serve with maple syrup or honey. And if you want to spoil her a little more decorate it with blueberries, blackberries and serve with whipped cream on the side. If pancakes seem daunting, use a waffle maker, it’ll be much easier.

If baking is your forte, make her muffins! They can be savory egg muffins or regular sweet ones. You can experiment with flavors like banana walnut or strawberry.

egg muffinsEgg Muffins

For a hot beverage, stick to her preferred tea or coffee, unless you are quite sure she will like what you serve. You don’t want to risk her getting a headache later on just because she didn’t get her usual daily dose of caffeine.

Squeeze fresh fruit juice; watermelon is plentiful at this time of the year, and a watermelon lemonade can be the perfect start for her day.  Also try a fruit salad made out of an assortment of delicious seasonal fruits (thank you, Pakistan).

_DSC0026 (1)Watermelon Lemonade

Tip: Don’t forget to place a tiny bunch of hand-picked flowers on the breakfast tray as well.

If you’ve got her a gift, give it to her after she’s done with breakfast. You could also pack her off on an indulgent day at the spa or salon.

Remember, one of the perks of cooking for mommy is that she never judges. Make an effort and watch how her face lights up with happiness at your work. It’ll be worth it.

I am a self-taught cook, with of course lots of help and encouragement from my mommy and a tremendous amount of support from my hubby. Cooking is cathartic for me; it relaxes me and the sense of achievement I get after a well cooked meal is second-to-none. Teamed up with my love for reading and writing,its pure joy. Most of my recipes are my mother’s -she is my greatest inspiration and go-to person for culinary emergencies (we all have them, don’t we?)- and from magazines such as Good Housekeeping and Hello. Having spent a couple of years in South-east Asia, (read Singapore and Malaysia), I caught a very oriental bug. Which is…which is… well its using my cell phone to take snaps of the meals I am about to gobble up. In my defense, it’s strictly limited to my travels abroad. For that, I have dedicated a picture blog called ‘Food Casserole.’