The much-hyped US presidential elections are finally over, and I for one am relieved. I was getting sick and tired of watching Hillary and Trump’s faces pasted all over social media, the TV, in the papers — everywhere I looked!

Both Instagram and Twitter were on fire today — people just couldn’t get over the fact that Trump actually won! To us outsiders, it seems surprising, given that it was the American people who themselves voted for him. Lady Gaga even staged a protest against the president elect outside Trump Tower.

screenshot_2016-11-09-22-29-51-1-1Love trumps hate!

Twitter was flooded with tweets from all over. Some were celebrating, but many were in shock. Not surprisingly, Trump was the most trending hashtag yesterday.


What started as a joke is now reality…


Rest in peace, America!

screenshot_2016-11-09-22-39-14-1An awkward experiment.

Though it seems the world will change dramatically in light of this election, one thing will always remain the same: the urge to chase away the blues through eating something sweet! And in order to do that, I suggest you invite your friends over for some yummy dessert and berate the US elections. Because you know what? Sometimes the only way to shut down those sweet tooth cravings is to just give into them! And that’s OK, you’ve been through a lot.

Here are some dessert recipes to help digest President Donald J. Trump and get over the US presidential elections:

Chocolate Lava Brownies

Craving chocolate today? These Molten Chocolate Lava Brownies are the perfect dessert to enjoy with your friends. It’s gooey, rich, chocolaty warmth is just what you need right now.


Crème Brule

Want to try something different? This rich, decadent French dessert is smooth, creamy and delicious. The name might suggest a complicated dish, but this is where we come in. Follow the instructions of our brilliant cook and voila! This one is sure to impress your friends.


Apple Tart

With the weather getting colder by the day, indulge in this sweet, warm dessert for comfort. This is a great time for making Apple Tarts, as the fruit this time of year is crisp, juicy and makes for the perfect tarts. Check out our recipe.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Need some soft, warm cookies to go with that tea? Try our recipe for scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookies. They turn out to be thick, chewy and are just perfect with a cup of doodh patti!


So my friends, do give these desserts a try. They’re sure to make you feel better. I’m telling you, by the time you’re done eating, the day is going to seem a lot more bearable. Besides, us Pakistanis have seeb a lot worse, right? Now go throw yourself a post-election party!