Whenever I think back to my childhood, I sigh with nostalgia. They were simpler times. My dad was in the army so we had a pretty sheltered childhood. I especially remember climbing trees, stealing mangoes from the neighbors, overnight stays at my best friend’s house. It was a carefree time.

My mother was an excellent cook. She’s one of those people who tried and tested new recipes, and would knock a dish right out of the park on her very first try. Fridays used to be a very special day. Our weekend started on a Friday, and we had school on Sundays (they were strange times). We were all big fans of rice. So every Friday, my mother used to make sure she cooked a rice dish for lunch; be it biryani or a yakhni pulao — but rice it had to be.

After I got married, I automatically switched to the same routine with my kids. Every Friday was rice day. My kids come home knowing that today there’ll be something “ricey” on the menu.

Let me tell you, it’s a great tradition. We all we all sit down as a family and enjoy a hearty lunch together. We talk about our day and whats on our mind. It’s a great way to wind down after a long hectic week, and sets a great tone for the weekend.

So today I’ve compiled a list of some rice dishes for you to try out. I hope this inspires you to start a Friday tradition of your own.

Haray Bhaaray Spinach Rice

Sounds a bit different right? Well it is, and in a very delicious way. Cooked in chicken stock, the spinach in the rice adds a unique flavor to the rice. Serve with a side of mint chutney and you can’t go wrong. Click here to check out our recipe.

Bring Twist To Your Usual Recipes

Tamatar Gosht with Rice

This is one of those ‘jhat pat’ recipes that are very easy to cook and very yummylicious to eat. It’s my number one go-to recipe, especially if I have unannounced guests. My kids love this combination and it’s often cooked for Friday lunch. Serve with a side of raita and you’ll have yourself a lovely nutritious lunch. Try our super easy recipe.


Sindhi Pulao

I’m sure you’ve heard about Sindhi Biryani, and may have tried it as well. But have you ever heard of Sindhi Pulao? It’s a famous rice dish from the Sindh region of Pakistan, owing to it’s very unique taste. The potatoes in the pulao add a very delicious taste, and you will definitely notice how different this particular pulao is from the regular one once you try it. Here’s our simple recipe.


Kabuli Pulao

Want to go a little overboard with your lunch this Friday? If yes, then you have to try this rich, aromatic recipe for Kabuli Pulao! It’s extremely delicious and very easy to cook.


Do try one of these rice recipes this Friday and be sure to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.