This week Pakistan celebrates one of it’s most diverse, culture-rich regions — Sindh. To mark the annual Sindhi Culture Day this Sunday, thousands of men, women and children dressed in traditional Sindhi clothes poured into the streets of Karachi.

I remember when my husband was posted in Chorr, a town located in the Umer Kott district of Sindh. I was fascinated by Sindhi women. They’d be wearing bright shiny lehngas and traditional white bangles up to their elbows. White bangles indicated a married woman, while colored bangles symbolized women who were yet to wed. Dressed in this way, these women would work in the fields and in their homes. And the Sindhi embroidery was amazing; done by hand and so delicate that you’d go crazy buying all you could get your hands on! The amazing traditional block printing called ‘ajrak’ is a specialty of Sindh alone. And the list goes on.

When it comes to regional cultures, the diversity our country has is amazing. Each has its own specialty, and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Which leads me to the most fascinating side of Pakistan’s regional culture — the food. Sindh has it’s own unique flavors and cooking techniques. So we thought of making a list of traditional cuisines from the province for you to try as you celebrate Sindh Culture Week at home. Whip up our recipes for a tasty meal for your loved ones!

Siyaal Machli

I’m a huge fan of fish. Whenever I’m planning to cook something special, especially during the winters, fish is always at the top of my list. Whenever I cook this Sindhi dish, it always runs short because my family loves it. Here’s the recipe.


Sindhi Pulao

You might have heard of Sindhi Biryani, but have you ever tried Sindhi Pulao? It has a very unique blend of flavors, which is unlike the regular pulao that we make at home. The potatoes are a very interesting addition to this rice dish.


Panjiri Ke Ladoo

These are not your typical ladoos. They are healthy and so rich in flavor that you will find yourself reaching for another. Treat your sweet tooth this week and give these ladoos a try!


Peanut Laayi

This is such a simple, yummy snack that you can make with any dried fruit of your choice. I like it with peanut. It’s such a great snack, especially during the winters when you’re snug in your bed with a hot cup of tea or coffee and are craving something sweet and crunchy. Check the recipe here.


Have a festive week, and be sure to try these recipes and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!