Laayi is a Sindhi specialty, which we enjoy with tea or coffee. Its also a great snack; you can to munch on when you’re watching TV and nothing else comes to mind. Laayi can be made with different kinds of dry fruit, like almond, pistachio and walnut. You can even make crispy rice laayi.

It is also very easy to prepare, and can be stored for an entire season without fear of going bad.

When I was a kid, my father used to make us laayi – we loved it. I miss those days, sitting by his side and listening to his stories while munching down. Laayi goes by different names in different regions, but one thing is the same, everyone loves it.


  • Peanuts: Half a kg
  • Sugar: 8 cups
  • Water: 10 cups
  • Elaichi (cardamom) powder: 2 tablespoons


  1. Add sugar in water and leave it to cook
  2. Then add elaichi (cardamom) powder and cook water until the sugar disolves completely
  3. Place peanuts on a wide steel plate
  4. Pour the sugar water (sheera) on the peanuts and leave it to cool