This world is a versatile place, and by that, I mean versatility in every phase of life. Whether it be the kind of food or the foodies themselves. Many people out there believe that animals have just as equal right to live as we, humans, do. So they resist from eating meat and stick to veggies. Vegetables, just like different proteins, have a specialty of their own. Each vegetable has its benefits and its unique taste. My personal favorite would be allu and baingan.

Since probably the beginning of time,I think, the most asked for meal in our house would be khattay baingan with plain boiled rice. Oh the aroma of baingan at first, then the semi-sour taste mixed with boiled rice, just irreplaceable, if you ask me.

Now, mostly, when we come to think of vegetables, our thoughts are quite limited. From mix sabzi that every mom has been cooking all the time, to that not-tasty-at-all bhindi. But, in actual, it is because that’s what we have been eating all our lives. We never really think that good food can be made out of plants. But here, we will prove you wrong.

As the world vegan month is here, I thought I should cater to you all just equal and bring to you some of the tastiest vegetarian dishes from our website and list them down here so you the next time your doctor asks you to stick to veggies, you’ll know where to look exactly.

1. Thai stir fried vegetables:

Classy and continental, this dish tops our list of favorite veggies mixed together. Not the mainstream ammi ki mix sabzi, but rather thai stir fried vegetables. A little bit of almost every vegetable and you have your perfect dish ready right there. Check out tour recipe for Thai stir fried vegetables here.

2. Bharaye Tinday

Not only do they look delicious, they taste delicious too! A veggie stuffed with your favorite vegetable and some tasty sauce on top, what else could you ask for? Easy to make and even easier to eat, this dish gives you the essence of any great meat dish that you can think of.

3. Bhindee masala

This gravy will put all the meat gravies to shame. This is so easy that you wont even know and it’ll be ready to serve. But the special trait it carries is that it doesn’t have to be eaten with anything specific to get the perfect taste. It tastes just as delicious with either naan, roti or even just simple bread.

4. Mashed potato balls

For all the lazy vegans out there, its time to own upto it. This recipe not only gives you the cheesiest of all delights but also gives it in no time. Topping it all, its super delicious and only requires a handful of ingredients.

Lets hope this would be enough to awaken that vegetarian beast in you!