Water Wonderland-Moola Chotook

By Mohammad Salman

Area wise, Balochistan province is the largest province of Pakistan, but it is sparsely populated, which explains why a large area of this province is still untouched and unexplored. A part of Tehsil Moola in Khuzdar, Balochistan is a magical wonderland, which has superb locations for a scenic vacation, known for it’s enormous mountain ranges, textured rocks, hot springs, and bubbling streams.

Surrounded by picturesque greenery and tall cliffs, the cascading waterfalls, known as Chotook, are a delightful surprise for the visitors.

This place has more than 5 sparkling waterfalls, natural slides, and pools of stones in all colors and sizes.

The cascades flow down in all directions, in some areas, they fall in thick sheets from ridges high above. The water is crystal clear, pure, unpolluted and clear blue. It flows swiftly over weathered rocks and thick moss. Below, there lies a bed of colorful stones, which makes the water appear even more sparkling.

This place indicates the unblemished purity of nature, when not ravaged by human habitation. It represents the vitality, spirit, and enjoyment of nature. The sound of flowing water on the stones is all that can be heard.

You can also witness different species of fish in here, which is why fishing is a common hobby of local people.

Production of Dates

Chotook is encircled with fields of vegetation and fruits. According to a local source, more than 25 types of dates are produced in this area.

Source: Shaigle.com

Local Language

Balochi and Brahui are the primary languages spoken by the local villagers living nearby, however, they do understand the Urdu language too, therefore, you will not have any problem communicating.

Most of these scenic cascades exist away from urban developed areas. Often this means that they are away from roads, so you will have to make some effort to reach these falls. It also means a visit to a waterfall takes you away from the stress and craziness of urban life.

This place is approximately 83 km away from Khuzdar. Khuzdar is at the apex of a narrow valley, at an elevation of 1240 meters, about 4,058 ft. Despite the altitude, Khuzdar, like most of Balochistan, has an arid climate, with very low and erratic rainfall. Unlike most parts of the Balochistan province, the heaviest average rainfall comes from the Asian monsoon, which happens in July and August, though this rainfall tends to be very erratic, and in many summers, there is no rain at all.

Driving from Karachi to Khuzdar is a 6-hour drive, and the distance between these two is approximately 390 km. As you go deep into the interiors, you will come across off-road and rocky tracks, making it extremely difficult to continue your journey by a car, and you will need a 4×4, or an off-road motorbike to go through them. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations, this quote exactly describes this trip towards Moola Chotook.

Visit this place, and it is easy to appreciate nature, and feel the desire to protect it for future generations. In fact, these moments can be so special that you will remember them for the rest of your life.

Mohammad Salman

A gym trainer by profession and a traveler by passion, Travelling to the most forsaken places is my avocation, with each trip I bring back new experiences and now stories to share.