Charna Island – A Paradise in the Land of Sindh

By Mohammad Salman

Situated at the borders of the Sindh and Balochistan provinces, known for it’s marvelous marine life and water sports activities, the Charna Island, also known as Jazeera Charna or Cheero, is 46 km away from central Karachi.

Charna Island is one of the rare sites in Sindh which has coral reefs, often called as “the rain forest of the sea”.  Shallow coral reefs form some of the most diverse ecosystems on planet earth, they provide a home for a majority of marine species, including fish, worms, mollusks, cnidarians, crustaceans, and much more.

How to get there?

In order to reach Charna Island, you must first reach Mubarak village, locally known as Mubarak goth. It is situated at a distance of 46 km away from Karachi, approximately a 1 hour, 40 minutes drive. The roads are in fairly good condition, and you can travel by any 2wd car from Karachi to Mubarak goth without any hassle.
Once you have reached Mubarak village, you will need to get into a boat, which will take you to Charna Island, which is approximately 6 km away from the village. You can rent the entire boat or you can pay fare by per passenger.

When your boots hit the ground of Charna Island, there are not many options available to explore the island, you can travel by foot or you can also rent a bicycle from local villagers to explore the island. The island is about 1.2 km long and approximately 0.5 km wide.
Traveling with groups is also an available option, many travel groups arrange short one day trips to Charna almost every weekend, they charge between 2,500 to 3,500 Pakistani Rupees per person.  Providing air-conditioned buses for transport from Karachi to Mubarak village, and then luxury boats to take you to Charna island from Mubarak village. Experienced diving instructors and diving gear, underwater photography, and much more such perks are provided. Usually,  the trips begin at early morning departure from Karachi and ends by dropping back the tourists at the pickup point in Karachi. Traveling with a reliable group is a good option if you plan to make a short one day trip.

Charna Island is best known for snorkeling and scuba diving trips, since the sea is calm with the absence of high tides, you can visit Charna in any season and it is always an amazing experience, but the best time to snorkel is between November to April, it is a phenomenon that the water feels much warmer during the winters, as compared to the summer.

Cliff jumping at this island is also a famous attraction, it is done from a height of 30 to 50 feet at a cliff at Charna, the experience of jumping into clear blue water from an elevation of 30 to 50 feet is an amazing experience.

Riding a jet ski at Charna is a blast. There is nothing like the feeling of flying across the water with the wind in your face and sharing the thrill of Jet skiing with your friends makes it even better.

Cave exploring, also known as spelunking, is the art of safely moving through a natural cave to a destination and returning to the surface, without hurting yourself or the cave, before you go caving you must know three basic and important rules of caving:

  • Take nothing but pictures – leave everything the way you found it so other explorers can appreciate the cave the same way you did.
  • Leave nothing but footprints – minimize your impact to the cave; do not leave crumbs, trash or paint in the cave, even minimize the impact of your footprints; stick to the established trail, and be careful to step where those before you have already stepped.
  • Kill nothing, but time – You are a visitor to the cave, so please leave the natural inhabitants alone.

Where to eat?

Due to a high number of regular visitors, the nearby areas of Charna Island and Sunehra Beach are commercializing fast, you can find a number of Desi dhaba styled local cafes, offering local cuisines and soft drinks.

Accommodation and transportation?

You can also find a few resorts, not too luxurious, but then they do have a fair level of comfortable accommodation.
Public transportation is not easily available in this area, therefore, you must arrange your own 2-way transport before coming here, or book your trip with a travel group to enjoy your trip.

Mohammad Salman

A gym trainer by profession and a traveler by passion, Travelling to the most forsaken places is my avocation, with each trip I bring back new experiences and now stories to share.