4 Best Dinner Views in Islamabad

By Jawaria Janjua

Monsoon is the time of year when the beauty of the northern parts of the country become even more beautiful. Living in Islamabad during this time definitely has it’s advantages. And if you’re a foodie, you can enjoy all this while dining out, adding to the whole experience.

Here I have listed the 4 places with the best dinner views to enjoy the Monsoon season in the capital.

Monal – showcasing beautiful Islamabad from above

Want a panoramic view of the capital? Don’t miss out on enjoying the monsoon season from the heights of Pir Sohawa and the Monal Restaurant. The outdoor seating here is the place you want. Though the food is not cheap, but the quality makes up for it. The service here is very good and you can also find a dessert shop nearby. At Monal, you can enjoy a view of the entire city. Even the Faisal Masjid is easy to spot from up there!


Des Pardes

Margalla Hills offer more than just a mesmerizing view; some of the best restaurants are located at the base of these hills in the Saidpur Village. Visit Des Pardes and try their barbecue dishes. The Chinese cuisine and barbecue here are some of the best. Here it almost feels like you are roaming around in a real, yet highly developed, village.


Atrio Café and Grill

This is another café I highly recommend for dining out during the Monsoons. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating, and the views of the Margalla Hills from here is simply breathtaking. The lush green trees on the mountain and the sky all around simply makes the sunset even more romantic. The steaks here are great. Do go through the deals of the day on offer here.


1969 TGO at Shakarparian

Shakarparian itself is a wonderful place to visit, with all the greenery and beautiful mountain views all around. 1969 Time Goes On is a well known eatery here that offers spectacular view during the rainy season. This 60’s-themed restaurant offers a delicious and tempting continental and traditional menu.


Do visit these places and share your experiences with us.