D-Watson Kay Fries: One Of The Best French Fries in Town

By Duaa Asif

You might recognize it as a medicine spot but it’s my favorite French fries spot in Islamabad. Well, I am talking about Blue area, D-Watson kay fries. If you mention it to an outsider you will probably get replies like: “what, when did D-Watson start making fries rather than selling medicine?”  Jokes apart, they have the best French fries in Islamabad. As for the name, it is owned by an Afghani vendor who sells fries along with Afghani Tikka burger. Recently, they have added Chicken Tikka to the list of their yummilicious menu items.  


Back to the fries, they are crispy and have an exceptional and heavenly taste, served with their self-made chaat masala and green chutney. The condiments complement the taste of these french fries and multiply it by two folds.  While the taste is exceptionally amazing, a serving worth Rs. 50 is enough for one person. 


Here you can see the appearance of these fries, which makes them even more appealing and hearty to the eyes than ever.


Here’s a secret about these fries: you can add the savory sauce of garlic mayo onto these and turn the fries into garlic mayo French fries. But the question is how can you do that? Well, our Afghani vendor has the sauce, since he makes Afghani tikka burger as well. So you can add some mayo sauce to your french fries like I do, and multiply their divine taste.  

Hope you like the tale, do mention the locations of your favorite French fries place in the comments below!

Duaa Asif

Business student, marketing enthusiast, foodie and a story teller!