Sajji in Nathiagali – Warm Food in Cold Weather

By Hammad Khan

For the people of Punjab, after Murree, the one popular spot for vacations is the Galliyat in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, specifically Nathiagali. The weather there is pleasant, a mixture of fog and mist of rain, making a summer morning look like a cold day of winter. The dense forest makes it an amazing place to spend some time with your family or if you are an introvert, this is the place for you. It’s peaceful and calm and has a lot to offer for nature lovers as well. Some of the attractions to this place include Mushkpuri, Pipeline Track and Miranjani.

Mushkpuri is the second highest mountain peak of this region, and gives a breath-taking view of the Jhelum River, some parts of Murree and the Dunga Gali downhill. The lush green grass covering the mountain top is the perfect place to enjoy the serenity of nature and capture beautiful pictures and selfies. The Pipeline Track is one of my favorite places for trekking, and this place takes you to Ayubia from Nathiagali, crossing this beautiful national park. Miranjani is the highest peak at about 2,992 meters (9,816 ft) in the region, and you can enjoy hiking and camping, while reaching the top of this beautiful peak.

Now as you are all exhausted from the hiking and the cold weather is making you hungry, in fact throughout any trip, the one thing in our minds is food and trips are not completed and cannot be enjoyed without the great food. There are many restaurants in Nathiagali, but my favorite meal in the cold weather is always Sajji from Afaq Hotel, right on the road of Nathiagali Bazaar. They serve one of the best Sajji. The chicken is roasted on coals and wood fire, which makes it extra delicious. They sprinkle Chaat Masala (spices) on the Sajji and serve hot. Also, their Daal Mash (Lentils) is great with the “garma garam” Naans.

You can also find many coffee vendors in the bazaar that serve aromatic hot coffee, which is another perfect combo for the cold weather. Although don’t get your hopes high, as street food is not about consistency, but about being in the moment.  So as you are there, enjoy a cup of hot coffee while walking down the road and admiring the beauty of Nathiagali.

Image source: Mulpix

Hammad Khan

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