Cherry Picking Adventure in Quetta – Ziarat

By Huda Sheikh

Traveling not only brings peace and pleasure to your soul, but also gives one the moments to cherish all their life.

Recently, we went to visit Ziarat, Quetta, where the residency of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is, where he spent his last days. The place not only has a historical significance, but is also famous for being a beautiful holiday resort, some 130 km (2.5 hrs drive) from Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan.

From Quetta, one has to take a turn towards Ziarat Road from Kuchlak, after which there is one main road to Ziarat. The landscape is much too unique and different to experience in the Northern areas, there are ranges of mountains, stern and strong stretched across the horizon with almost no greenery. After approximately a 1 and a half hour drive, near a place called Zindra, we saw an amazing sight. There were orchards, which looked oddly beautiful against the dull mountainous background.

On inquiring, we were told that these are Cherry gardens, and the fruit is all ripe. There was no limit to our excitement, and in the next few moments, we were moving between the trees, plucking fresh and ripe cherries from the not so tall plants. Luckily, it was the season of the fruit, which starts from mid of May till mid of June.

We clicked pictures, while eating cherries fresh off the branches. The weather was hot, but moving among the short heightened trees, we were safe from the sun and all that cherry consumption was refreshing.

The caretakers of the garden were very hospitable, as they didn’t seem to mind all our cherry eating activities. I might as well highlight that among all the cherry trees, there were apricot and pomegranate trees as well.

Cherry is a very tasty fruit, irresistible and juicy. It looked so divine on the trees, some all ripen and red and some yellow/orange cherries hidden under the long green leaves. Here, we see the beauty of Mother Nature, as the Cherry tree has longer leaves, so cherries can hide and be safe from birds, which may eat it before it is ready, SubhanAllah.

We purchased the packed cherry boxes from the caretakers, who packed fresh cherries for us.

This encounter with the beautiful nature between the big, strong and dull mountains will always stay with me…I’ll always cherish the memory of eating cherries fresh off the trees. Wish to visit the place once again, next time I’d like to experience Cherry Blossom.

Huda Sheikh

Meet Huda Sheikh, a multi-talented homemaker, who blogs, knits, bakes and loves to cook food and experimenting with flavors. She tweets at @Asparklingspark