An Italian Experience by the Sea

By Amina Mazhar

Our guest blogger, Amer Qureshi, continues his foodie journey in Italy, as he reviews the European country’s delectable seafood. Italy has a beautiful and scrumptious variety of seafood to offer, including the popular octopus and lobster. Have a look – Bon Appetite.

Amina Mazhar

Ever since I was a kid, eating has been a hobby. Once I grew up, I started stepping into the kitchen more often. Although I love to cook everything but baking is something I am very passionate about. Its my therapy and it definitely takes me to my happy place. Ofcourse, this hobby of mine also caters to my hyper sweet tooth as well, which is an added bonus. Because baking is something that I have learnt from my mother so it has a very emotional value for me. Since times immemorial I have seen my mom experiment with baking in the kitchen, I like to believe she has passed that skill on to me as well (I know i can never surpass her awesomeness).