Gorakh Hills – Hidden Gems of Sindh

By Mohammad Salman

Pakistan is gifted with magnanimous mountains and landscapes to attract nature lovers and tourists, Gorakh Hills is one of these gifts, one of the hidden gems of Sindh province, it is 423 km away from Karachi city, approximately an 8 hour drive, and approximately a 95 km drive from Dadu district, at an elevation of approximately 6000ft in the Kirthar Mountain, the Gorakh Hills is a developing hill station, it is situated on one of the highest plateaus of Sindh, and it spreads over 2,500 acres of land.

It is very attractive to nature-lovers, owing to it’s temperate weather and beautiful surroundings, a unique adventure point, and a beautiful site for nature lovers, bird watchers, and stargazers, you can easily spot different species of geckos, wild lizards, rabbits, and snakes here.

The name Gorakh is derived from the Brahvi language, in which the word “Gurgh”, meaning Wolf, and that Balochi language word, “Gurkh” is a later dialectic adaptation of the Brahvi language word Gurgh, meaning wolf.

Different opinions have been given about the history and origin of the hill station. It is said that the great medieval saint, Sri Gorakhnath Ji, had extensively wandered in hills and the region. According to Nandu, an authority on Sanskrit, Gorakh is a Sanskrit word, which means “shepherding of sheep, cow, and goat, etc”.


The climate of Gorakh Hills can roll between 20-25 degrees Celsius during day times in summer, and 5-8 degrees Celsius between night, and it can fall to sub-zero in the winter season.


Gorakh Hills have a rest house to provide accommodation, it offers comfortable rooms and delicious cuisines, additionally, you can set up camps too, but it is highly recommended to take accommodation in the rest house, as the temperature drops down in the night.

The majority of people in Dadu district and Gorakh Hills are Sindhi and Balochi speaking, along with good command over Urdu, so if you are able to speak any one of these two languages, you will not have any problem communicating.

Your Trip:

Dadu is a heritage site and a base camp, for outside travelers to Gorakh Hills, here temperatures can roll between 32 to 45 degrees Celsius during the summer season, and 11 to 22 degrees Celsius during winters. Accommodation is easy to find in local hotels and rest houses, charging between Rs. 1500-3000 per day, excluding food, and any Internet or phone calling facilities, however, mobile networks are active and stable, these hotels also offer a variety of delicious local cuisines.

Taking a 2WD all the way up to Gorakh Hills isn’t a good idea for urban drivers, therefore it is highly recommended that you travel by a 4×4, Travelers can easily hire a 4×4 from Dadu, Sehwan Sharif, Johi and Wahi Pandhi towns, and experience one of the most inspiring travel experiences of their life.

Mohammad Salman

A gym trainer by profession and a traveler by passion, Travelling to the most forsaken places is my avocation, with each trip I bring back new experiences and now stories to share.