The Story of Singapore’s Carrot Cake

By Javeria Masood

You won’t find me on Instagram, but I too am guilty of often obsessively taking pictures of what I eat. While many people look for shopping outlets, one of my top priorities during traveling is indulging in indigenous offerings and recommendations of food. My local contact in Singapore suggested I go to Newton Food Center in the evening to get a flavor of the city, and  that it is highly recommended that I try a Carrot Cake from Ah Heng stall.

Newton Food Center is a vibrant collection of cuisines and houses close to a 100 (assumption) hawkers and stalls. It was opened in 1971 and closed in 2005 for renovation, before reopening  in the summer of 2006.

Walking around, I noticed  the design subtly follows the language of colonial houses. The layout facilities parking, open seating, circulation space, floral accents and ventilation that ensure a nice environment even on the most humid of evenings.

Ah Heng was a small busy stall run by a man and women. I placed my order and sat at one of the open tables. They brought my food in just a few minutes, except it wasn’t what I had ordered, so I took it back only to find out that ‘carrot cake’ here refers to a ‘seafood omelette’. Nonetheless, it tasted great, and I would highly recommend it to everyone visiting Singapore.