Dessert Recipes

The “Shan” of Winters: 3 Ingredient Homemade Peanut ...

By Hina Ali

Chai with the combo of peanuts and Gahjakhs is what defines our

Turkish Recipes

Turkish Eggplant and Ground Beef Casserole – KARNIYARIK

By Fatima Ali

Living abroad we can enjoy various cultures that are inherently different from


Greet Ramazan Guests with Butter Cake

By Arfah Zafar

As the Ramazan blessings are making their way to our homes, and

What’s Hotter Than The Chai Wala? Our Chai ...

By Duaa Asif

It’s been two days since the Pakistani awam has discovered Islamabad’s most handsome chai wala.

Fresh juices

Top 3 Drinks for a Chilled Eid this ...

By Duaa Asif

We are in the midst of summer. Bazaars are full of people enjoying

Fresh juices

What To Do With Those Ripe Plums? Why, ...

By Fatima Ali

Today my phone showed me a weather forecast of 42oC. It is insanely hot


Papaya and Peach: The 2-P Drink for the ...

By Fatima Ali

My parents’ next door neighbors have grown a papaya tree in their

Banana Strawberry Smoothie: The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

By Fatima Ali

Smoothies are the best and most refreshing drink one can have at

Fresh juices

Mango Banana Smoothie: Breakfast in a Glass

By Fatima Ali

Mangoes are here! Though only the early storage mangoes are available in