The best trait of us foodies is that if we love something we ate, we are more than happy to give a word of mouth to the other person. Which is why food groups on Facebook are filled with recommendations every day of what is hit and what can be missed when it comes to local food of the city.

The popularity of this small coffee spot in f 10, Islamabad has been on everyone’s Facebook newsfeed, which made us want to try it ourselves. We wanted to find out the Chefling tales of the man behind the counter and what’s making his coffee so magical.


We tried the caramel latte and really felt it was like a hug in a mug, plus it was the real value for money. In just under Rs. 200  you can get a perfectly strong coffee with great service and sip it while you enjoy the cold weather of Islamabad.

The Espresso shot challenge

Plus there is a challenge to beat at the end of the video, me being a no sugar in tea or coffee person, completed the bitter Espresso shot challenge quite nicely. You think you can beat me? Your next stop should be Coffeeno.


Ramsha Rehan

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