Donut cones and donut sandwiches are trending desserts around the world and watching the Instagram worth desserts on social media made us drool.

Food trends usually arrive late to Pakistan but you don’t have to wait much for these mouthwatering ice cream based donut cones as they have arrived in Lahore.

Doughlicious is a cozy restaurant in Bahria town Lahore and it’s a happy place for those with a sweet tooth.

The two-floor eatery has a baking section where you can experience the view of live baking of your donut cone.

The place smells wonderful with all the fresh baking taking place.

It also has a Nutella tap that has molten chocolate dripping out of it at all times. They have a good variety of gelato flavors and toppings.

You have to wait a bit for your order as everything is made from scratch, but as your order arrives it’s totally worth the wait.

Ramsha Rehan

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