Chicken Recipes

Adorable Rose Chicken Rolls

By Huda Sheikh

“You should spend more time doing what you love”. I don’t know

Masala Rice – A Light Hearted Serving

By Zeenat Hussain

‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, a phrase

Meat Recipes

Beef Nihari – A Nawabi Delicacy

By Mariam Khan

It has been claimed that Nihari (beef stew) has actually been derived

Thai Recipes

Khow Suey – A Grand Burmese Dish

By Mariam Khan

I have always been a carb junkie (my weight is proof of

Besan ke Roti – A Unique and Healthy ...

By Fatima Ali

Weekends always ask for something more than usual everyday meals. I wanted

Coconut Laddu in 15 Minutes

By Fatima Ali

Coconut laddu is one of the easiest and quickest-to-make sweets, especially when

Chicken Recipes

Singaporean Rice: Steps to Perfection

By Fatima Ali

Singaporean rice is a dish that is famous in Karachi. Interestingly, the

9 Comfort Foods for Broken Hearts

By Hamza Nasir

After a hard day, we automatically start looking forward to dinner. We

Cakes Recipes

5 Recipes Using The Juicy Carrots

By Hamza Nasir

In winters, we all are so dull minded that all we do